How Mothers Can Create a Work-Life Balance

If you’re a mom and a business owner you have probably come to have a serious appreciation for the world hustle. In fact, this word has likely taken on a whole new meaning, one with your face next to it in the dictionary. Mom entrepreneurs don’t get to work the standard 9 to 5 and often have to juggle the demands of being in charge at work and at home, usually simultaneously. While it can seem impossible to have a work-life balance while running your own company, it’s actually not. Here are some tips to help get you there.

Planners Are Your Friend 

Be it digital or paper, on your phone or in a notebook with stickers and gel pens – get a planner and use it. What’s more, set aside time at the beginning or end of each week to plan the week ahead. While this practice can be intimidating at first, this is one habit that will make your life much easier in the long run. Budgeting time is not that different from budgeting money and your time is just as valuable. Working to organize your day can also lead to other organizational practices that can improve your life and actually cut down on wasted time.

Quit Trying to Work 9 to 5

Speaking of wasted time, some of the most valuable work time for mom entrepreneurs can actually be outside of a traditional workday. If your creative juices flow best early in the morning with a cup of coffee by your side, then get up before the kids and put in some quality business time. If the house happens to be empty in the evening because the kids are at practice, there’s nothing wrong with seizing this opportunity to hammer out some work hours. There is no rule that says your business has to run on any set schedule.

Don’t Forget About You

This is likely the hardest but also the most important part of creating a work-life balance. Now that you’ve planned your time more efficiently, don’t forget to enjoy that extra time you found by doing something for you. It is awesome that you’re killing it at your business, but it will be less awesome if you kill your drive in the process with burn out. While you’re writing out your business appointments and your meal plan for the week, don’t forget to set aside an hour or two for a pedicure, a good book or whatever it is you do to unwind.

Being mom entrepreneurs is some of the hardest work women do. With good planning and organization though, a mother can absolutely create a work-life balance.

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