Types of Commercial Real Estate Investment Properties

Investing in property can be an excellent option when you’re looking to grow your finances. Of course, there are a number of different property types to consider before you put any money behind a piece of real estate. When you’re searching for a sensible investment, you want to think about what opportunities commercial real estate can offer.

To understand this type of investment, it is best to take a closer look at the various options that will be presented to you when examining commercial properties. Take a look at these examples and see what option interests you.

Retail Options

One of the most common property options you’re likely to see is retail space. As the name of this kind of property suggests, retail spaces are re-purposed for certain businesses to use. Often, these properties will be made into strip malls, so that multiple businesses can rent out units and provide several sources of income for the property owner.

Office Buildings and Classifications

Another common type of commercial real estate is an office building. These spaces are usually very desirable to investors because the properties often offer the most potential for investors to see a return. Office building investments are broken into three classifications: Class A, Class B, and Class C.

Each class mirrors the amount of work the property will need to be usable. Class A, for example, will usually refer to buildings that were constructed in recent years. Class B properties will require some work, though not much. And Class C buildings are typically located in undesirable neighborhoods and will require a good amount of construction to be functional.

Multifamily Properties

Another popular option for those looking to invest in commercial spaces is a multifamily home. Unlike typical residential investments, a multifamily property offers a number of units to rent out. This allows the investor to see a faster return, especially if the property is located in an excellent area and many people wish to move into that neighborhood. These investments usually get claimed fast, so you need to be quick with your offer.

Financing Your Investment

Understanding the various types of commercial real estate available on the market can help you find the ideal fit for your investment. It can also be important to research your options for financing. Taking out a loan for a commercial investment is an excellent way to get your new property functional as soon as possible.

To make a wise investment, you need to know what awaits. Take your time to consider the benefits of each commercial investment opportunity that comes your way and you’re bound to find a sensible fit.

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