Obtaining Capital for Your Equipment Needs

Your company needs equipment to operate at full strength, and at First Crescent Capital we can show you the smartest way to go about equipment financing. Whether you need computers and software or new trucks and bulldozers, our team excels at getting you money when you need it. We offer quick application approvals: a matter of 24 hours for some purchases and as rapid as three to five days for large expenditures and middle market financing.

For businesses established for more than two years we offer competitive interest rates and convenient repayment terms that extend out to 84 months. We also provide equipment leasing solutions for a variety of situations.

A Choice of Helpful Programs

The basics of the finance programs we provide at First Crescent Capital are straightforward. No financial statement is needed for applications up to $150,000. Often little or no down payment is necessary. We provide up to $500,000 for middle market financing and more for large ticket items, with various payment structures.

Our leasing programs include a Sale & Lease Back opportunity where you lease the equipment from us, make payments and then assume ownership of the equipment in the end. Government and municipal leasing programs feature guaranteed financing to the following entities:

  • Federal government agencies
  • Libraries
  • Police departments
  • State agencies
  • Armed services
  • Public schools

For those companies that have less than perfect credit, we offer B, C and D credit programs that allow for vital equipment purchases. This enables struggling companies to get the equipment they need.

The Value of Leasing

The leasing of business equipment has a variety of benefits. Payments are often quite low, allowing for improved cash flow. It preserves cash for other needs and maintains open credit lines. Finally, it may have tax advantages for your company.

Contact Our Finance Experts

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