Financing Receivables: An Unlimited Source of Business Funding

If your business needs capital to fulfill orders or for other commercial needs, try accounts receivable financing from First Crescent Capital. We give you money now for your receivables. If your business invoices customers and gives them up to 90 days or more to pay, this unique and powerful form of commercial funding may be for you.

How It Works

Unlike a business loan, financing receivables isn’t debt and doesn’t rely on your credit. Instead, you sell us your receivables at a slight discount, and we collect from your customers. It is selling an asset, so you can keep your credit streams open for other needs. We are like your outsourced receivables department, but you get paid now.

The Benefits

One of the great advantages of accounts receivable financing is that anyone can qualify. Even if your business has hit hard financial times, you may be eligible to receive funding because it is based on your customers’ credit, not yours. These are some of the other benefits of this product:

  • Fast funding
  • Available for all business types
  • No personal guarantees
  • No recourse
  • No repayment schedule
  • Available funding grows with your business
  • Capital to pay for large or unexpected orders

Get Started

Tap into your business’ most lucrative source of funding. Contact First Crescent Capital to learn more about financing receivables today.